Why Is This Story Important? 

'The Good Boy' deals with a variety of issues that are present in today's generation of young people. Elliot goes through what most teenagers go through at some point in their young lives... But the pressure from his single mother is sometimes too much to bear. He wants nothing more than to go to art school, but his mother wants him to use his talent to provide for the family. All this pressure heaped on Elliot causes him to self harm- to gain some form of release. After being invited to a party, Elliot becomes a victim of bullying; which is unfortunately another prominent aspect of growing up today. All these elements have a severe effect on Elliot. Emotionally vulnerable, he takes matters into his own hands... Leading him to make decisions he wouldn't usually make. Situations like the one portrayed in this film affect children all over the world. Without anyone to talk to, or any other options, people often make the wrong choices and sometimes those choices have irreparable consequences.